HEY GUYS! I'm Ira.

I draw things and teach visual storytelling. If you want to know more about my workshops, CLICK HERE.

If not, scroll down and look at my cool drawings!


These are my books. I made them with magic.

a graphic novel

a graphic novel

a creative activity book for all ages

a creative activity book for all ages

And these are some other cool projects.


This is a comic called 'Fly This Thing.' CLICK IT ▼

I keep a tumblr of AMAZING comics by kids that have taken my SUPER FUN workshops. It's called TODAY IN COMICS CLUB. CLICK TO CHECK IT OUT!▼

CLICK ON The Demon Handler ▼


This is an 80 FOOT MUSIC VIDEO COMIC. I drew the WHOLE THING. I promise you've never seen anything like it. Music by The Few Moments. Click to watch it.


▲ This is me doing research. There is a skeleton watching me but I don't seem to notice. uh oh

Ok, it's story time! This is an animated fable I made called The Longshoreman & the Snake. It's narrated by the awesome cartoonist, Jess Fink. Click to play ▼

raccons_snakes 2.jpg