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Check out some of my other projects.


This is a comic called 'Fly This Thing.' CLICK IT ▼

This is an 80 FOOT MUSIC VIDEO COMIC. I drew the WHOLE THING. I promise you've never seen anything like it. Music by The Few Moments. Click to watch it.

I keep a tumblr of AMAZING comics by kids that have taken my SUPER FUN workshops. It's called TODAY IN COMICS CLUB. CLICK TO CHECK IT OUT!▼

CLICK ON The Demon Handler ▼


▲ This is an interview with me about finding inspiration from the PBS series 'A House for Arts' and this is an article I wrote about searching for the origins of creativity and I called it, The Nothing. ▼

This is an animated fable I made called The Longshoreman & the Snake. It's narrated by the awesome cartoonist, Jess Fink. Click to play ▼


▲ This is me doing research. There is a skeleton watching me but I don't seem to notice. uh oh

raccons_snakes 2.jpg